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A biryani connoisseur never settles for a single flavour

About Biryani Battuta

The Adventurous Tales of Biryani Battuta

The journey began in Guangzhou, China, where the schezuan flavours were guarded behind the fiery dragons of the Dragon Kitchen. After a huge brawl, and burning off his famous moustache, he secured the fabled recipe! Even though the first step of the journey was over, he had a long way to go.
He travelled southwest from China to Bangkok, Thailand, which was truly a tropical paradise. Surprisingly, getting the famous Thai spice palate wasn’t as hectic a task as he thought it would be, and our hero continued his journey in search of amazing flavours.
The Nawabs of Kolkata welcomed him with a fusion of flavours that left our hero begging for their secrets. The Nawabs were willing to reveal their precious flavours only after Biryani Battuta could prove his high intellect. A tough taste-guessing session later, the Nawabi flavours were his!
It was time to discover the Awadhi Treasures from the food capital of India – Lucknow! The kind and well-mannered people of Lucknow happily obliged to the honest request from Biryani Battuta as they wanted to spread their treasures with the whole world. They heralded “A biryani connoisseur never settles for a single flavour” – Biryani Battuta